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    What's New?

    28 February, 2022

    webOS TV SDK 7.0 Released

    webOS TV SDK 7.0.0 has been released with the newly-introduced tool, Simulator. In addition, webOS TV Emulator, IDE, and Sublime Text Plugin are to be deprecated. Check out more about this release .

    20 December, 2021

    App Development on StanbyME Model

    The StanbyME model that supports screen rotation and touch interface is released. If you consider your app runs on this new model, see the  App Development on StanbyME Model guide for how.

    17 August, 2021

    webOS TV SDK 6.0.1 Released

    The webOS TV SDK 6.0.1 is released. The webOSTV.js library on templates is updated, and a couple of bugs are fixed. For more information, see the  installation and  release note.

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